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"No" she said her voice coming out more airy than she meant for it to. It was true she wasn’t scared she knew she could easily put a stop to this but she didn’t want to. She was too mesmerized by his piercing gaze too curious where this could lead.

While they both were well aware of Toothiana’s ability to cease his advances, he had experienced her strength first hand— literally-  in the past after all, neither chose to voice it. Pitch settled for taking full advantage of her choice, “I’ve heard the good sometimes like to break free from their status quo,” he slid an arm around her petite waist, pulling her closer to him in order to finish his thoughts, “Up until now, I deemed it only a rumor.” Along with the last of his words, he flickered his tongue to swiftly experiment with the fairy’s limits. 

(So, because I’m a paranoid little ball of wuss, I have no idea if you’d like to take this further or if you’re content with just flirtatious acts. Either is fine by me, but M rated stuff will be under a ‘read more’ !) 



forcing your pets to spend time with you by closing the door

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Anonymous: This is the anonymous ass grab of love! send this to all of your Tumblr crushes to let them know they're loved and they're a fine piece of booty.

Two fingers flew to the bridge of the raven-haired male’s nose, rubbing up and down. This was the second time one of these strange beings attempted to grope him. “Unless you dearly wish to be plagued with nightmares for the rest of your mortal life,” at least, he supposed the gray thing was mortal, it certainly took the shape of one, “I suggest you refrain from touching me.”

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A glint of surprise flashed in his eyes if only for a second, a new record for him, once he caught sight of the all-too familiar male. “Can I help you?” Not too fond of Jack, Pitch kept a distance, brooding over what he was to do with the mischievous sprite. 

Anonymous: This is the anonymous ass grab of love! send this to all of your Tumblr crushes to let them know they're loved and they're a fine piece of booty.(Bonus points if you can figure out who this is;D)

A scowl adorned the boogieman’s features at the notion, his eyes narrowing upon the grey figure. That wasn’t a nightmare, or a shadow- only a stranger. “Yes well,” unable to find the proper words to address the anonymous being by, he simply turned on his heel and hid within the shadows, muttering about strange mortals. (Is it Jacky? XDD)



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no Pitch please don’t do it you have your whole life ahead of you and we love you and no no no no no NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!
Lolz someone informed me that i tend to draw my Sandy like, super pudgy, which is true i guess, but what can i say i am an ADDICT.
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